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About Lowe Media

Lowe Media

In 2018 Lowe Media was launched as a Social Media Company,

specialized in Youtube Shows such as "NBA Got Game TV" and "BTM Basketball Time Machine".

Since then we grew into a multi-functional company, that does everything from creating Youtube Shows to Full Feature Movies and Documentaries. 

After two years of preparation we produced our first international 

Hollywood Film "The Last Kumite" featuring many Actionfilm Legends such as Cynthia Rothrock, Billy Blanks, Kurt McKinney, Mohammed Qissi, Matthias Hues and many more. It was also the international Action Debut of "Mathis Landwehr".

In 2023 Lowe Media is running 6 different TV/Youtube Shows, and has a total of over 300 Million Views.

Current Movie Projects:

- The Last Kumite (Feature Film)

- Life After the Never Ending Story (Documentary)

- Life After No Retreat No Surrender (Documentary)

- The Last American Ninja (Feature Film)

- Lion Fist


Our Team


CEO - Producer - Manager - Host


Social Media - Editor - Producer


Creator - Editor - Producer

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Management Assistant

Lowe Media

Legend of Cinema

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Social Media Management

Lowe Media

Legend of Cinema

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Office Manager

Lowe Media

Legend of Cinema

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