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The Last Kumite

 Release: 2024 (Distribution Territories still available) 

The Last Kumite is an action packed retro Martial Arts Movie, in the

Style of Classics like "Bloodsport", "No Retreat No Surrender" and "Kickboxer". It features many Legends of the Genre such as

Cynthia Rothrock (China O'Brien), Kurt McKinney (No Retreat No Surrender), Matthias Hues (I come in Peace, Kickboxer 2), Billy Blanks (King of the Kickboxers), Mohammed Michel Qissi (Kickboxer).

The Lead will be played by "Mathis Landwehr" who plays "Michael Rivers", a single Parent, who is forced to compete in an illegal fighting Tournament called the "Kumite" to save his daughter.

The Last Kumite Poster.png

Life After the neverending Story

 Release 2024 (Distribution Territories still available) 

LIFE AFTER THE NEVERENDING STORY celebrates the iconic 1984 Wolfgang Petersen classic, whilst exploring the life of star Noah Hathaway since that breakthrough role (Formerly LIFE AFTER ATREYU)

Produced by Lisa Downs and Ashley Pugh this documentary takes

is a Fan's Dream and gives insights which have never been seen before.


Life after No Retreat No Surrender

In Pre-Production 

"Life after No Retreat No Surrender" shows the Story of a true Cult Classic. The Story behind the movie is just as fascinating as the movie itself...

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